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Did you know that all children are musical, and that the earlier we begin to sing and make music with our children, the greater the likelihood that they will become lifelong music makers?

Shar-La-La Music Together offers mixed-age classes to families in Midtown Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Come experience the joy of making music and moving with your little one(s), regardless of your own musical abilities. Join us for our 8-week Spring semester, April 9 through May 31, and see how family music making can create powerful connections between you and your child(ren), while doing wonderful things for their developing brain. 

Sometimes we just can't afford the things we want for our children. The Pat Benedict Memorial Scholarship allows one family each semester to attend classes with a tuition waiver.  Please click the button below to learn more.

Holding classes in Midtown Chattanooga
3228 Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, TN (Toes Yoga)
Director: Sharla June
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